Lamar Systems is a design and integration company that specializes in products that  simplify the process of creating and delivering high-quality video.

Lamar has developed a full line of SkyBoss outdoor camera systems.


The SkyBoss HD+IP system is our most popular camera system. The integrated M4 video encoder, along with HD-SDI out, gives you multiple options for deployment, control, and distribution.

When paired with an M4 3500 The SkyBoss HD+IP becomes a fully remote system. Video can be back hauled via Cable modem, Wireless ethernet, or various other network transports.

Control is supplied by both the SimplePair IP control GUI, as well as our KBD-UV1000 desktop joystick controller.

Check out the SkyBoss HD+IP page today for more information!


The SkyBoss DK is our top of the line model. With integrated Hitachi DK-z50 camera, and your choice of Canon or Fujinon lens, and heavy duty worm gear drive Pan and Tilt, the SkyBoss DK is the premium of outdoor PTZ cameras.

These systems were designed alongside our M4 codec line.  our newest of which, the M4 3500, offers over 120fps of 1080p encoding power! All in an affordable half rack unit.

HD Tahoe Cam

SkyBoss DK on air image, courtesy KTVN

All of our systems have been designed to offer you component capability (so you can take any single piece from the system and purpose it differently) while maintaining a fully integrated platform.

We have developed SimplePair protocol to link all of our devices together. All control of cameras and lenses are done through a single UTP / 2-wire RS-485. This allows for single Hardware joystick AND/OR web based gui controls of our full line of cameras.